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Windows 8.1 adds new language after every restart


Up until recently, after every reset, I’d get a new language added to my language bar. And it was a strange one, Upper Sorbian.
It would always appear in my bar, but never in the language settings pane

Screenshot 2014-11-21 22.52.40

Screenshot 2014-11-21 16.22.30

I had a workaround that would remove the language until the next restart. It required manually adding the language and then removing it again.

Then, one day I finally clicked the Change date, time, or number formats link on the left.
Apparently, my “Non unicode” settings under the Administrative tab were for Upper Sorbian. Why? No one knows.

Screenshot 2014-11-21 16.24.26

I changed my locale there and I made sure I clicked the Copy Settings button and copied my User Settings to my other screens (Welcome screen and New User Accounts).

Problem solved!

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