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Rot13 implementation in Haskell

Rot13 is a simple Caeser-cypher where letters are replaced by shifting them by 13 places.

> import Data.Maybe (fromMaybe)

> rot13 :: String -> String
> rot13 s = map rotchar s
>  where

we'll first look in the lowercase letters

>   rotchar c = case (lookup c $ transp lc) of
>     Just x -> x -- success! replace letter

if we can't find anything in the lowercase letters, we'll have a look in the uppercase letters.
if that fails, we'll keep the symbol as is

>     Nothing -> fromMaybe c (lookup c $ transp uc) -- Nothing means we failed... lookup in upper case letters, or leave letter as is

transp will generate a lookup list, containing a tuple of an original letter and the transposed variant [('a','n'),('b','o')...]

>   transp x = zip x ((drop 13 x) ++ (take 13 x))
>   lc = ['a' .. 'z']
>   uc = ['A' .. 'Z'] -- could also replace with map toUpper lc, but requires importing Data.Char

This implementation respects the case of the letters, and keeps special symbols as is…

ghci> :l rot13.lhs
[1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( rot13.lhs, interpreted )
Ok, modules loaded: Main.
ghci> rot13 "floof"
ghci> rot13 "!Plunk~"
ghci> rot13 "Cyhax!"

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