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I’ve managed to compile GHC-7.8.3 on an Nvidia Tegra (Jetson K1) and Adapteva Parallella-16!

It took a while, but I’ve finally managed to compile and run GHC-7.8.3 on an Nvidia Jetson K1 board.
The Jetson K1 board has a 32-bit Nvidia Tegra processor (essentially a quad-core ARM Cortex A15), and an integrated 192 core Nvidia GPU.
Mine came with a standard Ubuntu 14.04 distribution and nothing more really.

After a lot of trial and error, I finally got it up and running without any noticeable issues.
I tested my routine on the Parallella-16 also running Ubuntu 14.04 and it seems to work excellent as well!
Here’s what I did:

  1. Start with a fresh board, with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  2. Uncomment universe lines from /etc/apt/sources, so that you’ll have access to the newest packages
  3. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
  4. You will need GHC7.6.3 or earlier to bootstrap the compilation. I also decided to use clang+gold because it is quicker and gcc was a bit finicky for me.
    sudo apt-get install ghc automake build-essential cabal-install groff alex happy llvm clang binutils
  5. I installed Alex and Happy in Cabal, cabal update && cabal install alex happy
  6. I cloned the latest GHC-7.8 to my SD card.
    git clone -b ghc-7.8 git:// ghc-7.8
    cd ghc-7.8/
    sudo ./sync-all get -b ghc-7.8
  7. Copy mk/ into mk/ Uncomment the line about quick-llvm compilation
    BuildFlavour = quick-llvm .
    Look for the line SRC_HC_OPTS = -H64m -O0 -fllvm and replace -H64m with -H32m
  8. perl boot
  9. sudo ./configure --with-clang=/usr/bin/clang --with-ar=/usr/bin/ar
  10. Because there is a linker issue, obtain the following script that will switch between standard ld and gold:
  11. We are now ready to start compiling!
    chmod ugo+rx
    sudo / -j6
  12. sudo make install
  13. ???
  14. Profit!
    Screenshot-ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu: ~

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