How to check which CUDA version is installed on Linux

There are several ways and steps you could check which CUDA version is installed on your Linux box

Identify the CUDA location and version with NVCC

Run which nvcc to find if nvcc is installed properly.
You should see something like… more

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Matching SM architectures (CUDA arch and CUDA gencode) for various NVIDIA cards

I’ve seen some confusion regarding NVIDIA’s nvcc sm flags and what they’re used for:
When compiling with NVCC, the arch flag (‘-arch‘) specifies the name of the NVIDIA GPU architecture that… more

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Nvidia GTX 1080 vs Nvidia Tesla K40 – Installing a GTX1080 in a Dell R720

Nvidia GTX 1080 vs Nvidia Tesla K40 - Installing a GTX1080 in a Dell R720

At SQream Technologies, we use Nvidia graphics cards in order to perform a lot of the heavy database operations.
With SQream DB, we usually recommend using a Tesla K40 or K80 card. While a… more

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X crashes after installing Nvidia driver on CentOS or RHEL


Recently I’ve been having trouble with the Nvidia driver on CentOS 6.

Opening any kind of app that uses the GPU like Google Chrome, Firefox or even Nvidia’s own nvidia-settings causes X to crash and… more

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Backing up and restoring a Jetson TK1 – or how our first Jetson TK1 just died….

Unfortunately, our first Jetson TK1 board just died. Overnight, the board shut down at some point and in the morning it wouldn’t boot up. No SSH access, no ping and no output over HDMI.

While a lot… more

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I’ve managed to compile GHC-7.8.3 on an Nvidia Tegra (Jetson K1) and Adapteva Parallella-16!

It took a while, but I’ve finally managed to compile and run GHC-7.8.3 on an Nvidia Jetson K1 board.
The Jetson K1 board has a 32-bit Nvidia Tegra processor (essentially a quad-core ARM Cortex… more

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