Backing up and restoring a Jetson TK1 – or how our first Jetson TK1 just died….

Unfortunately, our first Jetson TK1 board just died. Overnight, the board shut down at some point and in the morning it wouldn’t boot up. No SSH access, no ping and no output over HDMI.

While a lot… more

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The importance of good error messages

Developing software in a start up has exposed me to some pretty bad error messages.

Back when the company had little to no customers, this wasn’t a big deal. However, our recent influx of new customers requires a little… more

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Overheard (4)

♫ Functors flowing out ♫
♫ Like endless rain into a paper cup ♫
♫ They slither wildly as they slip away ♫
♫ Across the uniplate ♫

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Malicious traffic detection using traffic fingerprints and machine learning

Over the past year, we’ve worked on a machine learning project at Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
The project attempted to find out if we can identify malicious underlying traffic (viruses, botnets,… more

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Windows 8.1 adds new language after every restart

Windows 8.1 adds new language after every restart

Up until recently, after every reset, I’d get a new language added to my language bar. And it was a strange one, Upper Sorbian.
It would always appear in my bar, but never in the language settings pane

I had… more

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I’ve managed to compile GHC-7.8.3 on an Nvidia Tegra (Jetson K1) and Adapteva Parallella-16!

It took a while, but I’ve finally managed to compile and run GHC-7.8.3 on an Nvidia Jetson K1 board.
The Jetson K1 board has a 32-bit Nvidia Tegra processor (essentially a quad-core ARM Cortex… more

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Overheard (3)

A: Pfft. Someone used Int32 here instead of Int64. I didn’t make those kinds of mistakes since I was in 3rd grade
B: You knew what an Int64 was in 3rd grade?
A: No. That’s why I didn’t make those kinds of mistakes.

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Which architecture should I compile for with GCC?

Last week I wrote about strange assembler messages on new PCs and I mentioned there could be performance issues when you don’t use -march=native.

-march=native is very good if you only plan to run your code on a… more

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I wish they’d have sent this PDF in plaintext so that I could open it in emacs

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All of these STDs are going to kill someone in the end

std::vector<std::pair<std::string,std::vector<std::string> > >

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